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Produce 2016

This edition of Produce suggests football as a thinking tool for the current political and cultural climate of the region. “The Game Settled Into a Cagey Midfield Match” deals with the interaction of bodies and masses, the formulation of social hysteria and extremism. It tries to observe how individuals affect one another, and how this effect travels in waves within and among masses. The game, the training and practice, the performance during practice as well as during the game are all processes of football. Yet, the way the viewers comprehend, experience and respond to these primary components of the game is another process in itself. All of these functions entail various units and bodies that interact with one another. Produce seeks to interpret the devotion to a larger ‘body’ than oneself, and the draw and force of belonging.

This year, Produce is divided into 3 sets of presentations: Commissioned Works produced over the last year by the SPOT Production Fund; Reference Works, which are already existing pieces that speak to this year’s theme; and lastly, Curatorial Projects, allowing curatorial authorship to various producers in exhibitions, film, performance and lecture-performance. As is the case with other years, the schedule for talks and lectures envelop these various events.