Produce II

Produce II brings together participants, who offer cultural propositions given the political, bureaucratic and commercial constraints we live in in the region and beyond. As small initiatives (artistic, institutional and research based) that try to make a dent in the bureaucracies of the everyday, each of the practices presented as part of PRODUCE create its own capsule of engagement by being involved in cultural policy.



Anyone Could Be a Sculptor One Day is comprised of 7 commissioned art works. The works question the bureaucracies of production, power formations and history writing from various angles, and offer possibilities for moving and producing in these restricted spaces.
In an era when political uncertainties run their course, each person sculpting a cultural practice is a political act in and of itself: Afterall, anyone could be a sculptor one day.
Dates: 20th of September – 13th of December 13, 2014
Venue: Elhamra Han, İstiklal Street No:131 Floor:1-2, Beyoğlu-Istanbul
Curator: Zeynep Öz
– 5Harfliler, I’m Off, 2014
– Fatma Belkıs & Onur Gökmen, There are These. These are Ours., 2014
– Özge Ersoy & Bikem Ekberzade with Thomas Keenan, te-le-ge-nic, 2014
– Merve Ertufan, Side by Side, 2014
– Ege Kanar, Surface Studies, 2014
– Merve Ünsal, Three States of Water, 2014
– Dilek Winchester, Homage to Emin Barın, 2014

Events Programme:


Art International Events Programme is produced as part of SPOT Production Fund’s yearlong event series called PRODUCE. The participants of the programme are cultural actors who particularly develop their practices particularly in relation to the city they live in. Whether they have a background in architecture, urban planning or artistic production, they have in common the specific relationship formed between their work and the urban context in which they produce.
Dates: 26-29 September 2014
Venues: Haliç Congress Center & Elhamra Han
List of events:
Imagining an Architectural and Design Museum in Istanbul; Büke Uras
Visualization of Research; Mario Rizzi, Vasıf Kortun (Moderator: Tirdad Zolghadr)
PRODUCE: The New Artwork; Khalil Rabah, Gülsün Karamustafa, Hajnalka Somogyi (Moderator: Tirdad Zolghadr)
Nothing Gets Organised; Gabi Ngcobo
Keynote; Sheikha Hoor Al-Qasimi
DRC Radio issue #9: Bruce McLean talks to David Greene; The Drawing Room Confessions
Big Challenges, Small Interventions in the City; TAK – Tasarım Araştırma Katılım, Herkes İçin Mimarlık, Studio–X Istanbul, (Moderator: Merve Yücel)
One Thousand Solitudes; Tony Chakar
Mondial 2010; Roy Dib (Moderator: Fatma Çolakoğlu)
Relationship Between the Art Exhibition and the Venue in Istanbul in the 1990s & 2000s; Ali Akay
Rules of the Game (Boardgaming Sessions); Dilek Winchester
Running 15 Minutes Late; Merve Ünsal

Curated by: Zeynep Öz

Team: Director, SPOT Production Fund: Zeynep Öz; Director, SPOT.TER & SPOT Seminars: Tansa Mermerci Ekşioğlu; Exhibition & Administrative Assistant: Esra Arslan; Exhibition Assistant: Ekin Bayraktaroğlu; Graphic Design: Selin Estroti; Translation: Nitsa Viktorya Gormezano; Printing: Nest Medya; Exhibitions Production: İlhan Sayın

Thanks: Christine Tohme, Cevdet Erek, Ali Taptık, Ayşe Umur, Yavuz Parlar, Suna Kafadar, Gram, Merve Çağlar, Mari Spirito, Nazlı Gürlek, İz Öztat, Özkan Cangüven, Ayşe Toprak, Emre Peker

Supported by:
Exhibitions: SPOT.TER, SPOT Seminars
Conceptualization & Production: Can Ekşioğlu, DEPO, Moiz Zilberman
Events Program: ArtInternational, Sotheby’s, collectorspace
Kırtasiye: Stabilo, Mynote, Umur Basım

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